A New Low Cost Upsell for Customers who don't want Custom Framing
Posterhangers are a simple to use device for hanging posters, prints, or just about any printed material. These are ideal for the poster buying demographic who will not purchase custom framing for their artwork. All Posterhangers come on a hang tag and can be hung on slot wall pegs.
Works Great with Signage
Posterhangers can also be used for commercial displays and signage. They are ideal for presenting promotional material such as storefront or restaurant business displays. The Posterhanger product is very well built and durable for commercial applications.
Purchase a Posterhanger
18" Posterhanger
Best for posters 12"-18" wide
A1468 $18.95
20" Posterhanger
Best for posters 18"-20" wide
A1460 $19.95
22" Posterhanger
Best for posters 20"-22" wide
A1296 $20.95
28" Posterhanger
Best for posters 24"-28" wide
A1461 $22.95
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