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Profit from our inventory clearance! Sell a Few and Break Even, Sell More and Make a Windfall! Imperfect bargain packs are a great way to increase your inventory and profit margin! Lieberman's sells imperfect bargain packs that contain an assorted mix of art prints from major publishers. The prints included in these bargain packs are either overstock, discontinued products or slightly damaged prints. All prints are guaranteed to be in good enough condition for custom framing i.e. borders can be cropped off or matted over. At majorly discounted prices, these are perfect for local framers or businesses who are looking to find a variety of discounted prints prior to framing.

Large Imperfect Print Pack

Large Imperfect Pack

Large Pack

Includes a variety of 50 imperfect art
prints in various sizes

SALE PRICE: $30.00

Original Price: $40.00

Imperfect Packs

Imperfect bargain packs contain an assorted mix of art prints from major publishers that are slightly damaged, but are suitable for custom framing i.e. borders that can be cropped off or matted over.

Assorted Imperfect Bargain Packs - Each pack is a different set of prints
Large Imperfect Pack
50 imperfect assorted prints (all sizes) for only: $30
Please note that bargain packs can not be returned.
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